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Magnetic water allows farmers to grow more using less. For everyone in the farming business.

Benefits of using magnetic water in crop growing

Magnetic water treatment in crop growing is the main aspect of utilizing Magnetic Technologies in crop growing and in agriculture in general.

+40% additional production

We guarantee at least a 25% increase of production and a decreased vegetation period by 20 days.

Premium quality produce

Your products will look, feel and taste better as well as having double shelf life allowing it to fetch premium pricing.

25% - 30% less seeds required

Combined with separately treating the seed before plantation, the seed genus is activated leading to lower plantation costs per acre.

use 50% less fertilizer or stop completely its use

Healthier plants require less help to grow and have a better ability to gather all the nutrients they need. They are also more decease resistant, so you can use 20% less pesticides.

30% - 50% decrease in water usage

Render salts inactive via enabling a natural desalinisation process and allowing plants to make better use of water that will have a lower and more stable PH as well as a lower conductivity.

Water quality agnostic benefits

Our device works with all water types whether it comes from the utility, a public water source like a river or from any type of well. It can use low quality, brackish or salty water up to 6.000 ppm to provide the aforementioned benefits and grow in previously unusable land.

This is as well useful in areas like islands that use water from artificial desalination. Increased water quality via a better water structure makes the soil more favorable for plants to grow without deceases.

Standard Product (4-inch)

  • Environment friendly
  • 10 year guarantee
  • No maintenance required
  • No electricity required

Types of magnetic treatment

The sum of magnetic treatment solutions in agriculture is composed of five parts.

Irrigation Water

Treatment of irrigation and drinking water is our main solution for agriculture. Our devices are perfect for greenhouses, animal agriculture as well as any crop growing.


A complementary solution to increase the effect of water treatment and further reduce the seed requirement by another 15% is to magnetically treat the seeds themselves.


Treatment of ready-made produce can even further extend produce life up to three-fold under ideal conditions.

Production Water

Treatment of water used in the production process of food which is used to wash products, produce heat as well as added to the food products themselves can allow for various health and economic benefits.

During Production

Treatment of food products during production to enhance effects. For example, milk can be treated to reduce its bacteria content and orange juice to retain its flavor.

How does magnetic treatment work

Below is an illustration of the basic principle of magnetic treatment and forms an extremely simplified version of what happens.


Before human intervention, the planet overall had more or less a balanced magnetic field, and water had a free-flowing natural structure that is both healthy and of good quality.

As we started building and manufacturing, everything from infrastructure to vehicles, magnetic fields multiplied and today there is virtually an unlimited amount of localized imbalanced fields all around us, rendering the planets magnetic field defective.

Water Quality

As a result of this human activity, pollution, and the fact that water undergoes massive processing being unceremoniously pushed and shoved through our public water infrastructure it has lost its natural structure and is often contaminated.

Furthermore, these molecules have bound together to form clusters which due to their size are unable to penetrate a cell of a living organism, thereby greatly reducing the supply of nutrients and the hydration effect.


Water consists of H2O molecules, which are dipoles – small magnets, which link to each other by so-called hydrogen links and thus create the physical structure of water.

Magnetic fields via the Lorenz force activate a second-order phase transition (PT2) leading to a change in all physical properties of water and its behavior as well as breaking down clusters and restoring the natural free flowing form of water.


The roots of human awareness to the importance of magnetic water in our daily lives and of the planet itself, goes deep back into ancient times.

In BC IV, Hermes stated that magnetic and light energies were the basis of physical nature of humans. Pythagoras (BC) as well as Paracels (Middle Ages) and Mesmer (18th century) all carried on research in this domain.

Our magnetic treatment products are the result of nearly half a century of research since the 1970s.

Featured customer stories

Our device (model No V1AT/3UZL/991) was installed in the greenhouse on June 2014. Before using the unit, the owner didn’t believe he could get the greenhouse (5.000 m2 - 3k covered and 2k open) to be profitable again, which had been run at a substantial loss for years with the owner ready to close the business down. In 2015, after using the magnetic treatment unit the owner purchased another lot of 28.000 m2 and built an additional greenhouse. The owner describes the agrotube as a miracle and something that saved his business.

Nikos P.
Greenhouse Owner
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    Elateia, Greece
    June 2013


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